Assignment #1

  1. In TV and the movies I’ve seen, it seems as if Americans would be depicted as people like Tom Cruise, or Charlie Sheen. By that I mean we are flashy people who tend to be all about themselves, with little concern for others. Also, on TV you see these real exciting, and crazy scenes that is supposed to be American life. This of course is not really how life in America is. I think movies and TV shows like to gives us this” big time” image because as a kid growing up, a lot of people probably want that type of life. The life of success, making a lot of money, with day to day excitement I guess is supposed to attract people to our country. It seems to me as if they want people to want to be Americans.
  2. The pamphlet depicts that Americans value their time greatly. “Time is money,” is a common phrase used in American society. I’m thinking a lot of Americans view their time as valuable, because we as a whole always seem to have something next on our plates. Like for example, we have to finish our work quickly, so we can hurry to get dinner, so we can go home and relax for the night before doing it all over again tomorrow.
  3. In the pamphlet it says that Americans don’t like to be interrupted because it is believed that it’s courteous not to do so. I agree. In most typical scenarios allowing all parties to say their part, usually allows conversations to go smoothly. Although, as we all know, this doesn’t always go as planned.
  4.   “However, differences based on social status may be more difficult to perceive than in many places and do not always have obvious effects on student life.” I find this sentence interesting because it’s something you don’t always think about. I definitely agree with it, and it really kind of makes you wonder what types of backgrounds the people you see every day actually have.

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