HW #8

The Economy and Sports

Whether we realize it or not, sports in the United States today has given us more than anyone can begin to imagine. However, sports are not just fun and games. Those of us who are athletically gifted have used sports as way to help further our education. According to CBS news, roughly one million dollars is given away every year in the form of athletic scholarships. These scholarships have given students the chance to compete at a high level, while also giving them the ability to receive a higher education.

Although most college athletes are extremely talented, once their four years are up it is usually the last time they will compete at that high of a level. There are some exceptional athletes that use college sports to propel themselves into a career, playing the sport they love. Some professional athletes don’t have other skills, and may even be unemployed if it wasn’t for their professional careers.

As we know, our economy can be very fragile at times, and along with pro athletes, sports has supplied countless Americans with a way to earn money. Sports in America have created more jobs than people realize. For example, the arena wouldn’t function without the people who help you park before the game, or the people inside that you buy those overpriced drinks from. We have the always popular TV channel ESPN, which has branched into many other versions including ESPN2, and ESPN the U. Sports created the jobs for all those individuals, ones that we see on TV, and the ones behind the scenes that make every Sportscenter possible.

In the Middle Eastern country of Turkey, they have many sports throughout their country. Their national sport is “Football,” or as we call it soccer. They also enjoy other sports such as kiteboarding, basketball, hunting, golfing, skiing, and windboarding just to name a few. When you are at a young age in Turkey, historically you would find that only the higher economic status individuals have access to sports. The “equality” in sports is something that we here in the United States have valued for many years The progression of their sports, specifically “Football,” has led to more outside interest in their country and teams. Specifically, the training camps that are held in Turkey have brought in extreme amounts of money, upwards of thirty million dollars.

Relating to the economy, like the United States, Turkey as a state shows special interest in their youth becoming involved in sports. The funding of large sports centers, have allowed citizens of all ages to become more active while enjoying the entertainment of sports. Professional football progressed through the years to become the still ever growing Turkish national sport it is today. This booming sport helps bolster the economy within the country, employing citizens just like back here in the United States. It’s an example of sports creating jobs, for all the workers it takes to keep the football fields up and running.


HW #7 Part 2








HW # 7 Arranging a Marriage

1. In the Indian lifestyle that is discribed in the story, the advantages for marriage are actually quite convincing. One of these advantages is the fact that people don’t have to spend time worrying about looking attractive to the opposite sex, and getting themselves all worked up about finding a significant other. Since their parents do the job for them, it really takes away from the negative parts of dating.

2. When arranging a marriage in India, the most important thing to look at is the family in which the spouce comes from. Indian parents are always concerned about how ones family might impact their child, and their child’s future. Along with that, there are the obvious things like looks, education, and the future that will be provided for future generations.

1. Although it would save alot of trouble having my parents arrange my marriage, it is deffinately not something i would be okay with. I feel it is an adventure worth taking, although there may be ups and downs, putting the time into it is part of what makes finding someone so special. It may be key in Indian culture, but that lifestyle is not for me.

2. My parents met while working together running group homes for troubled youth. I’m not sure there were any circumstances besides their love for each other. They’ve been by together ever since, and are what I believe a great marriage should be.

3. In India they are pressured to stay together because of their families hard work in putting them together. This is like in America where even though it wasn’t our parents putting the relationship together, it was alot of hard work. Not to mention, families today still have presure to keep marriages together. This may be for religous purposes, or just making your own parents proud.